Ladygra (generic female Viagra) – increases blood flow to the genitals.


  • Trade name: Ladygra;
  • Country of manufacture: India;
  • Analogue for action: female Viagra;
  • Active ingredient: sildenafil citrate 100 mg;
  • Start of action: after 20-30 minutes;
  • Action time: 4-5 hours;
  • Taste: bitter;
  • Compatibility with alcohol: can be combined, but the effect is weakened;
  • Packaging: blister of 4 tablets;
  • Shelf life: 3 years.

Action viagra

Female Viagra ladygra has a complex effect. As we know, the main hormone that stimulates sexual arousal is – testosterone, it is his concentration in the body of both men and women that determines the level of desire. One of the effects of ladygra-100 is to increase testosterone levels in the blood. And also, aphrodisiac increases blood flow to the genitals, thereby increasing the sensitivity of the clitoris, swelling of the labia, women begin to experience new sensations from intimacy, orgasm becomes brighter and stronger.

Ladygra also improves the lubrication of the vagina, it is an excellent addition to its action for women who experience unpleasant, painful feelings during intercourse. As well as ladygra-100 is an excellent tool for menopausal women, the generic will allow them to fully enjoy making love.

Ladygra reviews

Most women who took Ladygra feel a rush of blood to the chest and lower abdomen, reddening of the face, cheeks, more intense and prolonged sensations. The experience of many girls shows that the simultaneous taking of generic Viagra with alcohol can cause quite a heavy load on the heart, tingling sensation and rapid heartbeat, so they are advised not to combine these components.

Is your life full of stress? Traffic jams, nervous work, endless queues, the causes in everyday life are plentiful. Many people recommend in these situations also use ladygra to relieve accumulated negatives and stress. In this case, a generic Viagra will help you relieve stress and escape from everyday problems.

Main effects

  • increased sensitivity of erogenous zones;
  • allows you to experience orgasm, even those women who have never received it before (or very rarely);
  • excitement does not occur spontaneously, but with a natural physiological desire, the generic Viagra only enhances the effect of craving.

Mode of application

Take 1/2 or 1 tablet, drinking plenty of water, 20-30 minutes before the intended sexual intercourse.

Possible side effects

The recommended daily intake for a woman is a dosage of 100 mg – sildenafil citrate. Exceeding this rate may lead to undesirable symptoms:

  • headache, slight dizziness;
  • poor digestion;
  • stuffy nose, shortness of breath;
  • change of color scale of sight.

If any of the above factors occur, the dosage should be reduced at subsequent doses. If, even after taking these measures, the side effects reappear, stop taking the drug.

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